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Why Become a Data Scientist? 10 Reasons to Pick This Career Path

By 2020, data science and analytics jobs are predicted to grow by almost 364,000 new listings in the U.S. That said, data science has plenty of jobs available today than a year back. Fresh listings are cropping up on job board sites every day. Any engineering or computer science student in the final year or an IT professional giving thought to a career switch should consider a career in data science, whether they have a background in the field or not.

Why is that? Below are 10 great benefits of pursuing a career in data science.

1- High Demand for Data Science Experts

Data scientists are among the most sought-after professionals in tech. As of August 2018, LinkedIn reported a shortage of 151,171 persons with data skills in America alone. With a high job growth rate, the demand for data scientists will continue soaring.

2- Good Work-Life Balance

Data scientists can expect good work-life balance with office hours ranging somewhere between 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. Some companies offer flexible hours and work from home options for data science professionals.

3- Opportunity to Work with Top Executives

Since data scientists are directly involved in solving business problems, they get to interact with “who’s who” in the company they work for. Data scientists work together with C-level administration much of the time.

4- A Chance to Empower Management & Company Decision Makers

Being a data scientist is a chance to make a difference. It is an opportunity to steer company decisions and solve major business challenges. Data scientists have an immense impact on the organizations they work for.

5- Handsome Salary and Perks

A data scientist in the U.S earns an average salary of $117,345 according to Glassdoor. An entry-level data scientist receives a tidy median pay of $109,727 a year. Compensation goes up to $250,000 for managers.

6- A Good Place to Gain Business Knowledge

Data science is a field that allows professionals to build good networks, develop excellent business problem-solving abilities, and explore different industries in depth. This knowledge comes in handy when starting a business.

7- Leads to a Mindset of Lifelong Learning

Working in data science makes one smarter. Apart from that, it also an exciting profession that encourages a culture of learning. There is always a new challenge to overcome or a new technique to master.

8- Low Competition for Available Positions

Despite the shortage of data science scientists, professionals from other fields are not that enthusiastic about switching jobs. With the right qualifications, it is quite easy to get a job as a data scientist.

9- An Opportunity to Work with Big Brands

Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Amazon, Twitter, Uber, and so many other giant companies recruit data scientists. Not to mention thousands of exciting startups that desperately require data specialists.

10- Data Science Is Everywhere

Data scientists can work virtually anywhere they desire. They are not just employed in tech but in several other industries too. These include health and pharmaceuticals, finance, marketing, retail, manufacturing, gaming, consulting firms, and even the government.

To wind up, almost everyone in business big and small wants data scientists, but they find it hard to recruit them. Pursuing a career as a data scientist, therefore, has numerous advantages other than the handsome six-figure salary.

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