The 'Hack Your Tech Career' Online Summit - 16 - 17 February


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Hack Your Tech Career Online Summit

The ‘Hack Your Tech Career’ Online Summit – 16 – 17 February

The Online Hack Your Tech Career Summit Will Feature Professionals From Leading Tech Companies And Tech Recruitment Companies To Guide Aspiring Tech Professionals About Their Career Options.

European Leadership University and AIgents will be hosting a two-day online tech summit from February 16th to February 17th, 2022, with multiple experts from the fastest-growing tech companies as speakers to help aspiring young students launch and progress in tech careers.

This event is for anyone trying to figure out their career path and wondering if a tech career is the way to go. The summit will include leading tech companies, tech start-ups, recruiters, hiring managers, as well as tech professionals who will highlight the latest trends in marketing and give the participants insights to embark on a tech career.

The aim is to spread awareness and knowledge about AI and Data Science, Software Engineering, and Full Stack Development.

The online summit will be live-streamed on YouTube and the participants get the option to either join the full programme or attend the specific sessions – completely free of cost.

In the Hack Your Tech Career Summit, speakers will be sharing their tech journeys, answering questions from the participants, and talking about multiple specific tech career options and ways to grow. The schedule for the event can be found here.

The speakers in the two-day summit will include professionals from the tech industry, including Marijn Markus (Senior Data Scientist), Joep Kokkeler (Data Engineer), Greg Hogg (Data Scientist); and from the tech recruitment and staffing industry, including Natalija Counet (Talent Initiatives Lead), Julia Rutkowska (Tech Recruiter), and many more

There are limited seats available and the registration is for free.

About ELU

The European Leadership University (ELU) is a skilled-based university that is created for the digital economy. ELU was established in 2015 and is fully recognized and approved by the Ministry of Education and Culture in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

ELU is connected with more than 80 leading brands in and around the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area that are constantly looking for exceptional digital talent. The university helps develop the skills and abilities in students that the leading brands are looking for.

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