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The Basics of Getting a Tech Job in Amsterdam As an Expat

Amsterdam, which is ranked among the top 5 tech cities globally, has become a hub for IT startups and large international tech companies. The city is also lucrative for job seekers – especially expatriates – looking for high salaries, better benefits, work-life balance, and improved quality of life. And the Netherlands is in dire need of tech talent.

So, how can one travel, work, and reside in Amsterdam? Here are the basics of successfully migrating to Amsterdam.

Visa, Work Permit, and Other Stay Requirements

Requirements for residing and working in Amsterdam depend on where a person comes from, that is, their nationality. If one is in the EU, no visa is required. But for a non-EU migrant, a tourist visa which grants a visitor the right to stay – not work – for no more than three months is necessary. If a person intends to visit for over three months, then they’ll need a residence permit.

To work in Amsterdam, and the Netherlands in general, one needs a valid work permit in addition to the residence permit. The employer is typically the one who requests a work permit for the employee. But there is an exception to this rule – highly skilled migrants can work with a residence permit only under the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme.

What Are the High-Paying Tech Jobs in Amsterdam?

Several top tech companies in Amsterdam are competing for skilled IT professionals and graduates to fill up open positions. And these organizations are ready to pay top dollar for the best talent. The field of data science has proven to be one of the most lucrative careers in tech with data scientists, data analysts, and data engineers being among the best-paid professionals globally. With a Bachelor’s in IT, Computer Programming, Statistics, Mathematics or Engineering, it is possible to land a well-paying Data Scientist job in Amsterdam.

H2: Where to Search for a Job in Amsterdam

About 60% of people look for jobs on online job boards, 56% on professional social networks, and 50% by word of mouth. Several websites post new tech jobs in Amsterdam for both English and multilingual speakers daily or weekly; so, start searching online. Check out job boards like Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Monsterboard, IamExpat, among others.

Also, build networks by joining business networking organizations and groups and attending their seminars and networking events. Examples of these groups include Club of Amsterdam, commercial Anglo-Dutch Society, InterNations, Connecting Women, etc.

Tactics to Ace the Job Interview

Once short-listed for a tech job in Amsterdam, it is time to prepare for the interview – which will most likely be done remotely. Here are tips to ace the video or phone job interview:

  • Be familiar with the time zones
  • Understand the technology/application the interviewer will use
  • Be fully attentive
  • Be calm and confident
  • Polish up on the most relevant tech skills
  • Prepare a standout portfolio

Conclusion & Bonus Tips

Moving to Amsterdam to work is an excellent opportunity for young, enthusiastic tech professionals. However, just like moving to another country, you must plan adequately for the migration. Save twice as much money as you need, read more about the city and the people’s culture, learn about possible certifications you may need to thrive, and research on the cost of living.

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