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Tech Journeys in 2022

Tech Journeys in 2022

Tech is now hotter than ever before as there is a huge demand for tech skills, according to Natalija Counet, the Talent Initiatives Lead for the Amsterdam Economic Board. There are tons of vacancies in the tech industry, and if you want to make it big and want a job for the future, you need to have tech skills that are valuable to the industry. So if you want to make it big in the industry and want to start a tech career, you need to have certain skills that are pertinent to your job. People who are looking to get started in the tech industry and want to take their career to the next level need to have something more than simply tech skills in their locker, as the demand for positions in the industry is hotter now than ever. There are two types of skills that are more important than anything else right now, and they can be labeled as emerging skills. 

Personal Skills Important in Tech 

The first one is that you must have personal skills, and you can label that as resilience, time-management, and flexibility. You can be the best programmer in the world, but if you don’t have the time-management skills, you will be burnt out. The same goes with flexibility, as you must be flexible enough to work on multiple projects at the same time. You must also have the resilience to overcome the challenges that come your way in tech, so that you can do your job in the best possible manner. 

Career Hacking in Tech with Contextual Skills 

There are a lot of people starting their career in tech that are coming from other industries and they should know the reasons why they are getting into tech. Tech isn’t now related to only the technology industry, as there is tech in retail, tech in bio-chemistry, and tech in management. You must know about different industries; for instance, crypto is hot right now, but if you’re working in tech in health, you must know how to deal with technologies to get out of this pandemic. 

How to Develop Personal Skills in Tech?

Most people would want to start an online course to start developing their skills, but it doesn’t work for a lot of people who don’t work well with online courses. Some people can’t finish an online course and don’t believe that is the way to go. It could work differently for them as they can go to group classes to finish their course. It must come from the pain point that you need to develop these skills, and you must have a keen interest in developing these skills to gain them. 

The Generational Gap between Tech Skills and Personal Skills 

In most instances, the top management is the ones that have the personal skills locked on as they know how to run the company and how things work. However, the younger generation is the ones that are the ones with the technical skills but don’t have as many personal skills. It is the marrying between these two skills that would define a tech company’s success. 

Most people are now working to develop their personal skills along with their tech skills, as they need both of these skills to be successful and drive the company forwards. 

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