How To Land a Tech Job In a (Post) Pandemic World


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How to land a job in a post pandemic world.

How To Land a Tech Job In a (Post) Pandemic World

The technology industry is experiencing a boom, with demands for services and solutions on a rise post-pandemic. With tech businesses experiencing a slight decline in recruiting new talents, they are now looking for new talent to meet the increasing customer demand. 

If you want to enter the tech world, then you need to start working on finding a tech job now. However, following a few crucial factors is essential to make your profile irresistible to the employers since the tech recruiting has changed due to the pandemic. 

Here are some valuable tips for getting a tech job in a post-pandemic world:

Understanding How Things Changed in Tech Recruiting 

During COVID, companies became less risk-averse, and candidates became less motivated to leave their stable employment to find more exciting opportunities. The dynamic between companies and talent has become more balanced, with remote hiring in tech becoming more competitive than ever before. 

For the first time, developers are now facing higher competition from talents worldwide. While there are higher job openings, more applicants are also applying for those jobs.

Enhancing Specific Technical Skills 

More companies are looking for specific roles now, meaning it is crucial to develop your niche and improve your capabilities. It will give you a competitive edge over others and make you a risk-free hire for the recruiters. 

Be Fully Prepared for The Interview

To prepare for your interview, it is crucial to conduct thorough research about the company, its services and products, vision and mission, the role, and the associated technologies. Show the recruiters you are passionate about the job opportunity and about working for their company. 

Moreover, take remote interviews seriously by dressing appropriately, ensuring a strong internet connection, and using your laptop instead of a cellphone for the interview. 

Think Long Term When Deciding Where to Apply

Consider what you want to be doing in the next five to ten years professionally and how the job you want to apply to would help you achieve those goals. 

Market Yourself as a Tech Expert

Many tech specialists are unsure how to market themselves the right way to build their brand and make it easy for businesses to invest in them. Here are some easy tips:

  • Start speaking at conferences and meets to develop your self-confidence and trust among the audience
  • Do guest podcasting and/or start your podcast channel to share valuable tech information
  • Create YouTube videos that allow viewers to get to know you better
  • Regularly blog to share with your target audience. This also provides you with relevant content to share on your social media accounts and for conferences and meetups. 
  • Update your resume with your specific niche and add links to your latest blog posts and/or podcast channel
  • Reach out to your followers and increase engagement 

Wrapping Up 

It is essential to show the companies that you are passionate about the company and the role. You must also constantly work on self-development to be updated with the latest technology and attain specialised skills. 

Moreover, since companies are now hesitant to take risks on candidates, build your brand as a tech expert through marketing to make it easier to choose you. 

Article crawled from Sandrika Chetty‘s session at the Hack Your Tech Career Summit, Feb 2022

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