How To Become a Highly Paid Tech Freelancer


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How To Become a Highly Paid Tech Freelancer

How To Become a Highly Paid Tech Freelancer

The job market has become even more competitive nowadays, and numerous tech businesses are not advertising entry-level jobs post-pandemic. It has made it challenging to find the right tech job for many, while the already employed tech professionals are not earning enough. 

Fortunately, the tech industry is still booming, and there are multiple benefits to becoming a freelancer in this field. You not only get paid better but can also control your working hours, select your clients, and enjoy better job security.

Understand What Separates Average Developers From 10x Developers 

An average developer gets the relevant degree and gets a stable job without making efforts to continue building his skills and working on their own projects. They are comfortable with company-specific knowledge and abilities. 

The 10x developer not only gets the relevant degree, but they also focus more on continuously expanding their skills. They set aside time every day to learn something new while sharing their knowledge through podcasts, blogs, and videos. They gradually move toward becoming tech freelancers.

Stay Consistent 

It is essential to understand that building your brand as a highly paid tech freelance will take time and effort. You have to stay consistent and put in your hard work for the initial years to eventually start seeing results.

Go for a Tech Speciality with High Market Value 

Of course, it is important to work on a tech area that you are passionate about, but you also must ensure that it has a high market value. People and businesses should be willing to pay you more for your specialty. 

You can even combine a few technologies to create your own unique niche but avoid being too general. Instead, focus on one or two high-demand technologies to market yourself in. 

Find Your Niche 

It is ideal for working for at least two years as a freelancer on multiple projects to see where your expertise is. Explore different interests, learn new skills, and try different technologies to develop your preferences. 

You can gradually develop your niche and focus on it as you start freelancing. Finding your niche and then marketing yourself based on that will give you a competitive edge. 

Get Freelance Clients by Marketing Yourself 

Keep writing blogs, social media posts, and speaking at events to market yourself and develop your brand. Marketing yourself is crucial as it allows you to prove your worth and skills, making it easy for companies and people to hire you based on your brand. 

As you move your way up with more freelance work and establish yourself as a tech specialist, you will be able to work on projects that interest you the most. 

Wrapping Up

While starting as a freelance might seem scary, when you put in consistent effort and develop a niche, you will eventually become a highly paid tech freelancer. The trick is to market yourself correctly to your target audience. 

Use these tips to create a career as a tech freelancer and start marketing yourself to get highly paid freelance projects that you are passionate about. 

Article crawled from Christian ludemann‘s session at the Hack Your Tech Career Summit, Feb 2022

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