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All graduate programmes follow an interative and experiential learning model. This means that the course is partially completed online, and partially face to face in our learning hub in Amsterdam. Learners are expected to come to Amsterdam for at least two stays of 5 to 14 days each.

Absolutely! Our programmes are perfectly designed for working professionals. Our part-time, blended model ensures you can join from anywhere in the world and can schedule your study time around your work hours. For more information, check out our Experience page.

The blended nature of the programme requires at minimum one visit, preferably two visits to Amsterdam. We believe the face to face experience of the workshops there is beneficial. For those who are absolutely unable to come, arrangements may be made.

The total duration of our graduate programmes is anywhere between 12 and 18 months, depending on the programme.

All courses are taught in English (and some Python! 😉)

For a detailed overview of the curriculum please visit our Programmes page.

For a detailed overview of the curriculum please visit our Programmes page.

We do not require internships for the completion of the programme, but do have a Practicum before graduating. The programmes follow a 2 + 1 model: You receive two certifications (one in your area i.e. Data Science, Cyber Security, and one in Leadership) and a Master’s Diploma. After the two certificates, you are expected to put your learning into practice in a Practicum within an organization of your choice.

European Leadership University supports placement opportunities through its Talent Accelerator. The Accelerator gives nominated learners the chance to work with a career coach, join meet-ups and other networking events in Amsterdam, and connect in other ways with selected organizations and companies in the Netherlands. European Leadership University does not guarantee the placement of its learners.

No, you don’t! While an IT background helps during your studies, it is not a requirement. We believe that anyone with the right motivation and discipline is able to learn a new skill and transition to a new field. 

We assume an intermediate level of Python knowledge for our M.Sc. in Data Science. If you do not know Python, please reach out to us at info@elu.nl so we can recommend online Python courses before the start of your programme.

Of course! The blended nature of our programme makes it very accessible to people around the world. Our cohorts are very diverse with talent from 4 different continents at the moment.

You can apply on our Programmes page by clicking the Apply button. 
Applications are evaluated in three stages: 1) Online application, 2) Online analytical thinking test, 3) Interview with Admissions.

We accept applications on a rolling basis and no later than six weeks prior to your preferred start date. Programmes start in February, May and November depending on the programme.

Prerequisites include a bachelor’s diploma (preferably in an IT field), IELTS or TOEFL Certification, and intermediate knowledge of statistics and Python programming. Several years of work experience is preferred.

Prerequisites include a bachelor’s diploma (preferably in an IT field), IELTS or TOEFL Certification, and intermediate knowledge of network systems. Several years of work experience is preferred.

The total programme fees are 9000 Euros. Our fees are broken down in two costs: 1) Institutional fees: 3000 Euros, and 2) Tuition fees: 6000 Euros.

We do our best to offer our programmes tuition-free. This means, that your cost during your studies drops down to 3000 Euros. The tuition fees are due once the learner receives a salary income and can be spread out over a period of up to 36 months.

The programme fees cover all course-related expenses, such as workshops and learning accelerators, group mentoring, access to the content libraries and learning system. Transportation from/to Amsterdam, accommodation and living expenses in the Netherlands are not included.

European Leadership University offers competitive funding to a selection of learners. Learners are encouraged to make use of the Deferred Payment Schemes that allow them to go tuiton-free.

The registration payment is non-refundable.

You can reach us on info@elu.nl or by phone at +31 20 369 0734.

For enrolment, we require TOEFL or IELTS certification. The requirement is waived for those who are either native English speakers or completed their education at an English language institution.

Definitely! We welcome talent from interdisciplinary backgrounds, but it is important to be motivated and committed to your learning. This means you will be expected to pick up some coding (Python) before the start of the programme.

European Leadership University cannot guarantee a job. No refund is made on the basis of placement.

European Leadership University does not have a traditional campus, but instead makes use of modern spaces. Our Amsterdam learning hub is based in the Amsterdam Science Park.

European Leadership University has a full-blown campus in Cyprus where we offer bachelor programmes.

Yes, you will graduate from a recognized European higher education institution. We are pending NVAO (Dutch government) accreditation. For more information, visit our About page.

Our Campus in Cyprus offers Bachelor degrees. Please visit www.elu.edu.tr or email info@elu.edu.tr to learn more.