European Leadership University Announces Free Info Webinar Event in February


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ELU Live Info Webinar - 11 February 2022

European Leadership University (ELU) Announces Free Information Webinar Event in February

Participants Will Get Detailed Information On All The Tech Courses ELU Offers, Including Data Science Courses

European Leadership University has announced a free live information webinar event on February 11, 2022, to help participants get relevant details about tech bachelor degrees.

The free webinar will be held live online at 2:30 pm CET on Friday to ensure maximum participation. The speaker will be Isadora Costa at ELU. The major purpose of this webinar is to provide all the information potential students would need about the elite tech programs offered at ELU.

The university has an innovative learning model that focuses on skill-based education, learning at your own pace, collaboration with peers, and a flexible online learning experience.

According to ELU spokesperson, “We aim to provide the students the freedom of choice to help them discover their preferred career instead of following the career others want them to pursue. We place the student at the heart of our process and help them learn the right mindset and skills to start their dream career.”

The upcoming webinar will provide potential students information about all these programs to help them decide the career of their choice no matter where they live.

ELU believes in removing the usual barriers by providing students all over the world with mobility, both professionally and geographically. “We follow an employability-focus learning method that ensures all our students leave the university with a clear idea of utilizing their skills in the best way possible,” the spokesperson continued. “Many students get approached with a job instantly once they have graduated, some even before they graduate.”

ELU offers multiple Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Software Engineering, Data Science, AI & Machine Learning Engineering, Full-Stack Development, and DevOps & Cloud Engineering. The university also offers Master’s Degree Programs in Data Science and Tech Business Administration.

European Leadership University (ELU) Announces Free Information Webinar Event in February

About ELU

The European Leadership University (ELU) is a skilled-based university that is created for the digital economy. ELU was established in 2015 and is fully recognized and approved by the Ministry of Education and Culture in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

ELU is connected with more than 80 leading brands, in and around the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, that are constantly on the lookout for exceptional digital talent. The university helps develop the skills and abilities in students that the leading brands are looking for.

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