Ready to start a Tech Career?

Are you an aspiring or junior tech professional figuring out which career path is best for you? There are many reasons why you may be considering a career in tech—or why you may want to take your existing tech career to the next level. Whatever the reason might be, we’ve got you covered. 

Hear from big companies, tech start-ups, hiring managers, recruiters, and of course tech professionals themselves to get all the insights on building a tech career. 

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  • Career Perspectives In Tech

    Max Joosten
    Business Developer at TekkieWorden

  • Starting a Career in Tech

    Terry Nick Bergsma
    Data Scientist, AI Translator

  • Take Control of your recruitment

    Renee Malone
    Senior Recruitment Specialist at Itility

  • Soft Side of Tech

    William Groeneveld
    Data Enhancer at Data Enhancing

  • Remote Working

    Georgia Panomitrou
    Talent Acquisition Partner at Beat

  • A Day In The Life of A Product Manager

    Maria Scerbikova
    Product Manager at Mollie

  • What's Like Working at Nike

    Sander Ardinois
    Freelance Big Data Architect