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Best employers for data scientists in Europe and Amsterdam

The job market in Europe is overflowing with diverse professional opportunities, especially for those who study or start working in Data Science as this field is among top in-demand industries. The number of innovative companies in Europe is constantly growing, and they are looking for talented data scientists to join their professional teams. Be the next one to get hired for such jobs. In this article you will find out what job openings are available on the European market and salary ranges.

According to the report of the European Commission, the approximate number of data workers in Europe will attain 10,4 million by the year 2020. The expected number of open Data Science positions in 2020 will be 770 thousand, with the concentration of vacancies in Germany and France. Now there exist 250 thousand companies throughout Europe, and 350 thousand is expected to be in 2020. As you can see, the opportunities for future career are immense, and the most famous companies hiring are IBM, Amazon, Google, Uber, and Samsung.

The median salary in different European countries for positions in this field is approximately € 55,000. The highest Data Science salaries are offered to professionals in Switzerland with annual salaries € 115,000. The second country with high salaries is the Netherlands with a median paycheck of € 69,000 and followed by the UK with average salary € 65,000. Although life expenses also influence the salary rate, companies in these countries are also highly invested.

Speaking of Netherlands, the top 3 highest paying jobs in Data Science are the following: Chief Data Scientist (€ 93,000), Senior Data Scientist (€ 77,000) and Machine Learning Engineer (€ 60,000). At the same time, students and people who have just entered the workforce in this field can get from € 15,000 to € 20,000 as a Researcher or Data Analyst.

In the Netherlands, the overall number of Data Science job openings posted online is 3,000+. Almost half of these openings are available right now in Amsterdam, and the amount of vacancies is 1267. The number of entry-level jobs for the moment is 196, and there are 49 internships available. For those who want to combine the job with education, there are 27 part-time job openings to apply for. Among the companies which are hiring right now, there are Booking, Adidas, Nike, TripActions, Tam Tam, Cognizant, ParkBee, Building Blocks, Dept, Amazon and many others.

What are the core skills you need to have to land one of these jobs? For data, scientist Python is the most in-demand coding language, which is required by 509% of employers. The second most required coding language is C++.

As you can see from the info above, Data Science jobs are very promising, well-paid, and the opportunities are numerous. Don’t miss your chance to apply and start building your successful career in this field.

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