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6 Most Sought-After Data Science Skills to Pick Up

Data Scientist remains top among the best-paying tech careers and is very much in demand by developers and IT professionals. But to score a top salary Data Scientist job, one must possess the right skill set. So, which skills should one invest in learning to get the attention of recruiters?

Here are the major skills to nurture as a fresh graduate, Data analyst, or Junior Data Scientist looking to land a Data Scientist job.

Python Programming

Python is a popular programming language for Data Science professionals. According to a Python Developers Survey 2018 done by the Python Software Foundation in partnership with JetBrains, 58% of developers using Python as their primary or secondary coding language use it for data analysis which was an increase from 50% in 2017. So why is Python the best?

  • It is easy to pick up when setting out as a Data Scientist
  • It has an extensive selection of libraries and resources
  • It makes it is easier and faster to develop and roll out programs
  • Works well with new technologies such as machine learning

Data Collection

Data Scientists must have the skills to import and measure data from various sources for analysis. That includes knowing the different data collection techniques and where they are applicable. Data collectors must acquire accurate and high-quality data so that analysis can lead to credible results.

Data Manipulation

Once data is collected, it must be packaged into a form that is ready for the analysis process. Data manipulation is the cleaning and preparation of data using data manipulation tools before analysis. This process involves structuring data, removing/correcting errors, assessing the overall quality of the data, and so on.

Data Analysis

Simply put, data analysis is the evaluation of data to come up with actionable insights. It entails the inspection, cleansing, transformation, and illustration of data using analytical skills and tools plus logical reasoning. There are a lot of approaches and techniques for performing data analysis, including data mining, business intelligence, and text analytics.


Excellent written and verbal communication is vital for a successful career in Data Science. The job of a data scientist is to translate data into meaningful insights and communicate them to stakeholders/decision makers. Data Scientists are the links between businesses, data, and tech. It is, therefore, essential for a Data Scientist to have the skills to make complicated technical info understandable to the management.

Model Building

Model building or predictive modeling is the process of using probability and data to forecast future results. A model, which may be simple or complex, is made up of variables or predictors that are mapped using sophisticated software and which are likely to influence outcomes.

Final Words

Anyone looking to enter the data science job market or pursue a Master’s program in Data Science should be familiar with the skill set required in this industry. That way, they can re-evaluate themselves to know what skills they need to pick up to align with the field.

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